the Yummy Bars

The Extra Delicious Yummy Bars have evolved to a point where they are now gluten free, dairy free and with some options of nut free with the YUMMY FACTOR still 100% intact. AND NO ANIMAL HAS HAD TO SUFFER IN THE PROCESS…The YUMMY BARS are 100% VEGAN so it is safe to eat without any cruel consequences..”We believe and know that NO ANIMAL should be suffering at the hands of humans…Our Nutrition should come from pure plant based foods”….Everyone needs good nutrition yes?  From little kids to big adult kids (hey, we’re still kids aren’t we) ……Well…thats what yummy bars are all about and good nutrition actually tastes YUMMY!!!. We’ve proved it…..The main ingredients in our bars are dates which are very high in natural fructose and hence need no additional sugar. They are also alkaline and have a very high nutritional profile including extremely good calcium for bone growth. They are what we call a “foundation food”.

The Yummy Cacao and Almond is the first healthy chocolate fudge bar in the world to contain GENUINE AUSTRALIAN GROWN CACAO..And YES    we harvest the Cacao ourselves.  This exceptional bar contains  Dates, Australian Raw Cacao (cert. organic in conversion), Organic Cacao , Pesticide free Australian Almonds, organic Australian Vanilla, ….r.r.p. $4.50

We carefully mix and fold exceptional ingredients together to make it fun and tasty to be healthy.   There are no hidden nasties like preservatives or added sugars or flavour enhancers or those horrorible colourings .

NEW RECIPE!!!..Yummy Coconut Vanilla Cream ….contains   Dates, Certified Organic Coconut, Australian Coconut/ Organic Australian Vanilla Bean and essence, and all blended lovingly together with cetified Organic Raw Cacao Butter, ….r.r.p. $4.50


Yummy Apricot & Almond bar contains .. Dates,   Pesticide-free Australian Almonds, Organic Apricots, Organic Coconut, Organic Australian Vanilla, ……rrp $4.50 ……………………………………………………..
Yummy Mocha and Macadamias contains.. Dates, Australian Pesticide-free Macadamia nuts, Organic Tahini, Australian Grown Cacao ( Organic in conversion) Dandelion and spice,…… r.r.p. $4.50


Just YUMMY fruits and real foods are mixed and folded and then cut by hand to then be packaged for your convenience.
Healthy just got easier.  🙂



Yummy Chocky Fudge is a great way to get your “chocolate hit without the “added sugar and other stuff they add to chocolate…This extra yummy bar is a blended mix of Dates, raw organic Cacao ( Australian Grown Organic Cacao in Conversion and certified organic Cacao) , Australian Organic Sultanas and Australian Organic Vanilla Bean and real organic Australian Vanilla essence.  r.r.p: $4.50

Real Chocolate Fudge that is healthy for you…And tastes sensational..